Commercial & Office

    Reed City Power Line Supply

    The Reed City Power Line Supply project consisted of 34,340 square feet renovation to the warehouse and office facility.

    Demolished pre-existing walls, ceilings, mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems in the warehouse to make room for new office spaces, conference rooms, bathrooms and a new break room, as well as revamping the large warehouse floor spaces to accommodate their inventory layout and racking system. The exterior siding of the building was repaired and painted, and the steel roof received a special multi-ply membrane roof coating. The project also included an extensive overhaul of the 9.5 acre site, including establishing new grades, site lighting, adding over 2.5 acres of new material laydown and storage areas, new parking lots and sidewalks, relocating the loading docks and adding new site fencing and gates.

    Project at a glance

    • Client: Reed City Power Line Supply
    • Location: Reed City, Michigan
    • Footage: 34,340 square feet