Municipal & Civil

    Ottawa County 911 Central Dispatch Facility

    The Ottawa County Central Dispatch Authority provides one point of contact for all emergency situations in Ottawa County. The Authority provides emergency call services for Ottawa County and the city of Holland with dispatching services for seven law enforcement, 21 fire, and four emergency services agencies.

    The new 17,000 square foot facility for Ottawa County 911 is a single story masonry construction with the roof structure made completely of precast planks. The building features bulletproof exterior windows, grouted masonry walls and precast roof planks to make it secure and operational, even during weather emergencies. The building construction is based on an EF-3 rating on the Enhanced Fujita scale for weather resistance.

    The interior includes a large dispatch floor, training rooms, conference rooms, offices, locker rooms and many support spaces. It is designed to be completely secure during an emergency.

    Project at a glance

    • Client: Ottawa County
    • Location: West Olive, Michigan
    • Footage: 17,000 square feet