Senior Living

    Heather Hills Retirement Village

    Erhardt is pleased to be a part of the most recent project at the Heather Hills Retirement Village. Although the project may have appeared small in scale, it was large in detail. The project included demolition and reconstruction of their existing entrance canopy; renovation of their activities room, office space, and Village Care Center; and a 725-square foot theatre addition.

    Heather Hills is a massive 180,000-square foot facility and the renovation and addition took place right in the center hub of daily resident activity. Erhardt was able to schedule work to impact this area last. When it was time to relocate, we worked with the owner to develop the best solution possible for meeting their needs while still ensuring employee and resident safety. This same coordination was utilized throughout the entire project.

    Erhardt worked with Heather Hills and the local jurisdiction on phased turnover of their activity room and Village Care Center in order to get residents' life back to normal as quickly as possible.

    Project at a glance

    • Client: Heather Hills
    • Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan