We’re building a foundation of inclusivity, respect, and opportunity.

At Erhardt Construction, we believe that when people experience respect, inclusivity, and opportunity they are more creative, impactful, and fulfilled in their work.

We strive for a community of cultural understanding, genuine relationships, and intentional belonging for our team members and project partners.  That’s why we actively stand against racism, harassment, and all forms of discrimination.

Four Corners of Erhardt Construction’s Diversity & Inclusion Plan

Creating a WORKPLACE guided by fairness, respect, and opportunity.

Developing a WORKFORCE that is diverse, inclusive, and high-performing.

Engaging the MARKETPLACE to demonstrate the value of DEI amongst peers, partners, and clients. 

Being a thought leader in the COMMUNITY surrounding best practices and new approaches to promote DEI in Construction.

Meet Our Advisory Team

In addition to Erhardt’s Executives, the Inclusion Advisory Team is comprised of DEI Leaders from across the region. These partners provide insight, guidance, and council to help further our company’s DEI Vision.

Kristin Ekkens

Exponential Inclusion

CEO & Chief Inclusion Strategist

Scott Ayotte


Senior Manager Global DEI

Shaquanda Gordon

HR/DEI Senior Executive

Ruben Ramos

R & R Mechanical

Managing Director

Ben Wickstrom, P.E.

Erhardt Construction

President & CEO

Taggart Town

Erhardt Construction


Ryan Formsma

Erhardt Construction

Senior Vice President

Arlen-Dean Gaddy

Erhardt Construction

Vice President of Business Development

Marc Felt

Erhardt Construction

VP – Construction Operations